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Melted Wine Bottle Cheese Boards

These melted wine bottles, have been customized into wonderful serving trays and/or display art-deco.

We have many favorites to choose from as well as exclusive collectibles.

These melted wine bottle cheeseboards are fire polished,food safe,and make great cutting boards. When not in use, you could display the melted wine bottle cheese board on your kitchen wall using our exclusive copper hook or display upright using the optional bold brass stand!!

We take pride in being the first to offer such a wide selection via the internet. Do not be fooled by those who buy from others for resale at ridiculous prices. All products on our website are handcrafted using recycled bottles that otherwise would be in our landfills.

We have had many customers say they've seen other imitations where the labels fell off, the bottle stuck to the table cloth, or you did not get your money's worth. Although these bottles with labels are not dishwasher safe as is with any labeled bottle,we do go that extra mile to assure long lasting use over and over again by water proofing each and every labeled bottle. We do all the work ourselves so you are assured the very best variety, painstaking quality,and TLC in every piece of functional melted glass art we make. Why pay higher prices? Why buy from someone who is only at a craft show maybe two times a year? Why trust anyone else for your entertaining and gift giving? We offer you the widest selection on the internet all at a reasonable price!

Thank you all for ten wonderful years online and look for many new innovations soon.

Thank you for visiting our online store.

Featured Items

Following the above link, you will be transported to our page that attempts to divide the vastness of wines produced according to the grapes used. For example, the Chardonnay Category will have all of our Chardonnay offerings.

All Items
Here you will find a variety of plain melted wine bottle cheeseboards as well as exclusive melted bottle cheeseboards found only here!

Cobalt Blue Bordeaux Melted Wine Bottle Cheeseboard
Cobalt Blue Chardonnay Melted Wine Bottle Cheeseboard
Dead-Leaf Amber Chardonnay Melted Wine Bottle Cheeseboard
1500 ml Clear Melted Wine Bottle Cheeseboard.
1500 ml Dark Green Melted Wine Bottle Cheeseboard (sold out)
1500 ml Dead-Leaf Amber Melted Wine Bottle Cheeseboard
7-UPô 32 oz Melted Bottle Cheeseboard
The Galen E. Mohler Lighthouse Melted Wine Bottle Cheeseboard