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Congratulations! We hear you are getting married. Well, we have come up with a neat idea to say your marriage is everlasting with our melted wine bottle wedding favor ensembles. You have your choice of either the olive green 750ml wine bottle that is melted flat or our cobalt blue melted wine bottle. Each ensemble comes as you see it. However, we go the extra mile because we know time is always in demand. We will pack each wine bottle box with the melted wine bottle, wrapped in our polypropylene bag that is bow tied with a grape serving knife tucked in so all you have to do is place a name tag/seating chart on the bottle box! It is that simple. Everything is ready to go, no assembly required. Your guests will always have a momento from your special day all at a reasonable within budget price! For the first minimum order of 25 ensembles, our price is only 12.00 each, for orders of 26 to 100 only 11.00 each, and all orders over 100 are 10.00 each. We have sold many of these ensembles. You can mix and match the bottles and grape gift boxes. Email us for more information at

This is our green melted wine bottle wedding favor ensemble with our grapes gift box

This is our blue melted wine bottle wedding favor ensemble with our grape vines gift box.